“Make computers be more like humans.
Help humans be less like computers.”

Experienced full-stack developers and data scientists in Scrum.

Incorporated with WCC – the leading world supplier of Smart Search & Match software solutions.

About Us

NIRI joined the field of Intelligent Computing in the year of 2006. From the very beginning, NIRI’s strategy was to synergize the power of advanced software engineering and fundamental science, within pragmatic solutions. NIRI is now an active part of the growing worldwide movement, building new ways to effectively utilize machine learning for the benefit of humanity.

NIRI’s intelligent software modules classify documents, extract important information from unstructured text, discover similar concepts without human supervision. Employment, Tourism, News, and Social Networks, are a few domains where NIRI gained the broadly-applicable experience. Languages which captured most of NIRI’s attention so far are Dutch, English, French, Arabic, and Serbian.

NIRI offers a good blend of modern software development practices and data science: both hands-on and theoretical know-how in the wide variety of machine learning domains. Our skilled software engineers, university professors, students and our clients all work together. In a sincere, open, and dynamic environment our teams thrive while developing dependable Intelligent Solutions.

Creating cutting-edge knowledge management products for world markets.

Our engineers rely on Jenkins, Spring, AngularJS, Maven, Crucible, Jira, and continuously learn about new tools on the market.

Successfully balancing work and life. A great working environment, sport and leisure activities and team buildings are a big motivator!

Getting global exposure through business trips and gatherings in Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and many more.

Our working hours are flexible and our offices are in a great location with a parking space.

Attractive compensation and benefit packages.

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“NIRI has been WCC’s reliable partner for over ten years. What sets NIRI apart is the unique blend of talented and dedicated developers and data scientists who all work towards the same goal - bringing smart solutions to our customers worldwide.”

- Paul Swaab, Software Development Director at WCC Group, The Netherlands

“Next to being a very professional IT company, NIRI is one of just a few businesses that are able to develop and maintain the expertise in the area of machine learning, both in the engineering and scientific sense. They are creative, quick and agile. We are so happy to cooperate with them.”

- Bojan Leković, CEO at KupujemProdajem.com (a leading Serbian classifieds)

“NIRI offers a variety of interesting projects that motivate me to strive for excellence. I also enjoy working with like-minded and interesting individuals without whom this job wouldn’t be as cool as it is.”

- Vladana Dimitrijević Stančić, Quality Assurance Engineer at NIRI Intelligent Computing

Contact info

NIRI Intelligent Computing

Address: Telephone:

+381 18 288 088

E-mail: Companies:

Research and Development Institute NIRI ltd.
Registration Number 07401302
Tax Id Number (PIB) 100662830

NIRI 4NL Research and Development ltd.
Registration Number 20889730
Tax Id Number (PIB) 107884333


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